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Welcome to Warman Guitars

A new way to shop for quality upgrade, custom build or project electric and acoustic guitar parts

We are gradually migrating our content to our new Warman Guitars Catalogue site found here.

The new site section will have a lot more information on our guitar pickups and other parts, along with soundclips, frequency reponse charts and all the downloadable pdf wiring diagram and pickup colour codes organised alongside each of the products and pickups.

The Navigation menu on the left will start to become less functional as we move more and more things over onto the new format catalogue.

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My first love was the sound of guitar. Boz Scaggs

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Josi Warman

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humbucking and single coil pickups from Waran Guitars
bridges and tremolos from Warman Guitars
machine heads from Warman Guitars
Guitar knobs and mounting hardware from Warman Guitars

Warman Guitars. Online suppliers of quality replacement, custom build, upgrade and project electric and acoustic guitar and bass parts including
single coils pickups, humbucking pickups, Warman Woodies, Firebuckers, Warman Juryman pickups, custom printed pickups, P Bass and J Bass pickups
chrome and black machine heads, hardtail bridges, two piece bridge and tailpiece sets, termolos, tele style bridges, top nuts, metal knobs
tone and voume knobs, 2 way adjustable truss rods, 250k and 500k audio and linear taper potentiometers, guitar wiring, 1/4" output jacks
mounting hardware, ready wired tele style control plates, strap buttons.

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